Google Search Console: Keyword Attribution Returns?

Since “(not gave)” tagged along, SEO experts have attempted to give correlative bits of knowledge and information to customers inside Google sources, since it has been a test just to credit precise watchwords to URLs utilizing either Google Search Console information or Google Analytics information.

Fortunately, presently, the tides seem to have improved.

In GSC this end of the week, my SEO companion AnnMarie Knutson (of and I found that GSC currently gives you a chance to ascribe accurate catchphrases to URLs once more.

It isn’t impeccable, however it will accomplish for the time being.

It would be decent if Google would enable us to do gigantic fares of the majority of this information.

Ideally this implies things will change to support us over at Google and the inversion of “(not gave)” is just around the corner. One can dare to dream! Small steps however.

There are never any assurances, however on the off chance that this usage remains constant and things proceed along these lines, we may have a more promising time to come in such manner.

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